Open Source Reality Check

Library Journal just published an article they interviewed me for entitled Open Source Reality Check.

Over all, I thought it was one of the more balanced and fair articles looking at open source from a high level perspective that I’ve read in main stream library journals.  Open source isn’t perfect, it’s a human endeavor after all but it is a proven model though indivdiual projects can fail.  The article spends a lot of time looking at KCLS, which is to be expected.  The bit they quoted from me was me discussing, and dismissing, the idea that open source is somehow magically less stable than commercial software.  The factors that make an open source project stable have to do with scale, which is also true of commercial software – it is the metrics that vary.  

Oh, and they got my place of employment wrong.  I was at the time of my LJ Movers and Shakes award with the Florence County Library System but I’m now the Director of IT and Innovation for the State Library in SC.