New CiL Article Referencing Evergreen

The new issue of Computers in Libraries (May 2012) features articles about curation and collections.  My own article about de-duplication 10% Wrong for 90% Done: A Practical Approach to Collection Deduping approaching bibliographic was not only selected as a feature but their freebie available directly on the web.  So be enticed, buy the magazine.  Actually, I have a fairly high opinion of Computers in Library compared to the other outlets that dicuss library technologies.

Anyway, in it I discuss the approach we within SCLENDS choose to handle bib dedupping and build a solution that was economically feasible, was positive customer experience centric and could be implemented fairly quickly.  As an Evergreen consortium already live timeliness was important to us.

Although I didn’t post about it at the time, I should mention that since the article mentions me at the South Carolina State Library I have now actually moved to York County as their Manager of the Headquarters Library and Reference Services.  It is nice to be back in thick of public service including children’s and outreach which I’ve dealt with less since I worked more with reference and circulation staff at the State Library (though those are among my departments now too).  I am still working with SC LENDS though and have been retained to continue my project management duties there.