Rogan Hamby

I’ve gotten awards.  I’ve written articles.  I’ve done some pretty smart things and a few dumb things.  Now I’m a librarian who works for a library non-profit doing a variety of projects and data work.  The core things haven’t changed over the year even as jobs have:  I’m a technologist.  I’m a bibliophile.  I’m a librarian.  I’m a gamer.  All my jobs have benefited from these.

This is my blog.  I mostly post comments about my professional presentations and involvements with the open source community as well as a few general library bits.  You can find my social media links here on the site.  I’m a casual Twitter user, mostly reblog things I like on Tumblr and if you follow my Instagram expect lots of kids, animals and games.

I’ve spoken at conferences, staff development days and at a few corporate events on change managements and organizational IT culture.  I don’t do that much anymore but if you think you might have an event I’m interested in feel free to contact me.

The Bio Blurb I usually give for conferences:

Rogan earned his Masters in Library Science from the University of South Carolina before going on to work in public libraries where every job description included “other duties as required.”  This means that in-between being in charge of the intersection of technology and customer service in multimedia labs, IT departments, circulation, collection development, reference and outreach he has slowly built a resume of those kinds of stories that only other librarians who work with the public can appreciate.  In 2009 Rogan proposed the creation of an Evergreen open source ILS consortium in South Carolina.  Today that consortium is called SCLENDS and it includes about half of South Carolina’s library systems.  In 2011 Library Journal gave him a Mover and Shaker award for his work.  Rogan now works for the Equinox Open Library Initiative, a non-profit that supports open source in libraries, who hired him despite knowing him well.  In his free time Rogan plays board games, writes, presents at conferences, unapologetically reads trash fiction and falls asleep in the middle of movies with his iPad in his lap.