Library Journal Errata, Of Sorts

I’m honored to be listed as a Library Journal Mover and Shaker for 2011.  On the page map they spelled my name wrong.  I really don’t mind – it happens a lot.  I’ve even had my very common middle name spelled wrong when they got Rogan and Hamby right.

But that’s not the errata, of sorts.  I passively qualify errata here because the article isn’t inaccurate but one element might be misleading.  Last year SC LENDS was responsible for the creation of a MARC record de-duplication algorithm that was highly successful.  In fact, I will write more about it soon.  The game is afoot with conference presentations, possible articles, open sourcing code and more.  But, more on that in the future.


The article said that I wrote an algorithm.  That is true and I was the team leader, but I wrote it as part of a team.  I want to make sure others are recognized for their parts as well.  Shasta Brewer of York County Public Library and Lynn Floyd of Anderson County Public Library were also core members of the team.  We all went back and forth over the details and each had our own contributions from the moment that Shasta and I realized we had the same insane idea to my initial number crunching to all three of us arguing over the relative importance of the 650s to Lynn’s detailed look the samples and scenarios.


Also, once we contracted with Equinox Software Incorporated (ESI) Galen Charlton not only did the SQL code to implement it but gave us valuable feedback based on his experience, especially in additional ways to normalize data and ways to broaden matches through inclusion of some additional MARC fields.  One of which is still an issue of contention nearly a year later but I’ll save that story for the conference.