The "other" Open Source ILS

So ... apparently I managed to upset some people.  I recently wrote an email about the registration for the Evergreen 2013 Hack-A-Way.  You can see the whole thing here:

Kathy Lussier kindly posted it for me but I wrote it.  The part that apparently upset some people was this:  

 supporting that “other” open source ILS, Koha.

Unfortunately there are those I interact with who don't know of Koha and do think of it as the "other" open source ILS.  This is unfortunate in my mind and when I encounter that I try to correct it.  I'm sure there are those in the Koha community who are also befuddled when Evergreen is mentioned.

For my own part, I've been involved in open source for about twenty years.  I heard about Koha before I had Evergreen.  I'm glad we have two big healthy communities.  They have shared code.  I have pointed out both publicly and privately ways that the Evergreen community could learn from Koha as recently as today.  I have projects I hope occur in the future that I see as ways to benefit both communities and both codebases.  I'm not an active member of the Koha community myself but I think of them as siblings, or at least cousins.  In my geographic neck of the woods I'm often called on for recommendations for ILSes. I often recommend Koha where I think it's a better fit than Evergreen.  Between libraries and open source we can't be that distant on the family tree after all.  

I put quotes about the word "other" because I wanted to draw attention to it.  The email was posted for the Evergreen community and to many Koha is the other open source ILS and I dislike that because I see it as dismissive.  Perhaps this is an indirect way of saying that I hoped by drawing attention to a common perception I wanted people to question it.    

I may have meant a little tongue in cheek humor and perhaps it was unwise.  Humor doesn't always come across well, much less that it's meant as flattering not dismissive.  I apologize for that.  It may seem an odd place for that during an announcement about a hacker's getaway but there are not many opportunities to expose the Evergreen community to awareness of Koha and frankly - I think we would benefit from that.