New Characters for Sheriff of Nottingham

Sheriff of Nottingham characters

Sheriff of Nottingham is a great little two to five player deception game.  More importantly, it’s a game that my daughters have grown to enjoy and it’s strength lies in not the mechanics but in playing the interactions between the characters.  The problem I’ve had is that as you may see above there are four male characters in the game and one female.  Since they dual side printed the cards they really should have made each male one side and female the other.  So, with two girls who regularly want to play and two more that may occasionally we wanted the ability for four of the five characters to be female.

Enter me and my decent technical knowledge of graphics tools though lack of any artistic talent.  I wanted to rebuild the Sheriff character cards from scratch and make them really nice but discovered that the work to do the borders and graphics was a time sink.  So, I took them from existing cards and did a bit of clean up though you an still plainly see the paper texture from the scanning.

These are what I created:

The yellow cheese merchant is character art from Alexie Samokhin.  The cheese is a stock photo that I couldn’t find a source credit to.  The mouse is by Mac Smith.

The red beer merchant is by Eva Widermann.

The green merchant is character art created for a video game by David Sladek who also did the character art for Sheriff of Nottingham.

Here are higher quality PNG files of printing if anyone is interested and PSD files for anyone who wants to work with them.

Yellow Merchant  PNG  PSD  PXM

Green Merchant  PNG  PSD  PXM

Red Merchant  PNG  PSD  PXM

I’ve borrowed graphic elements from the game and art assets from various sources under fair use as the use is non-commercial and not harming sales of any products, though I’d be very happy to see Arcane Wonders doing their own female characters.  And although this does not quality as disabled access I am trying to widen access gender wise which I think is important.